Friday, May 1, 2009

My hands can't wait to hold you. . . 5.01.09

My hands can't wait,

In just a little while you'll arrive into this world...

Will you be a sweet mischievous boy or Daddy's precious little girl?

How I can be so in love with just the thought of you ~~

I offer no explanation. You simply are a miracle of God's own creation.

I promise you my patience, my faith and above all else my love.

My hands can't wait to hold you...

my little angel from above.

(Unsure of author)

Stacey and Leanne come yesterday to have their Maternity portraits taken. Stacey is a dear friend. I am so happy for her and Tom. Yesterday's session was the first time that I met Leanne and John. I can tell that they are both so excited about their baby girl.

As many know, I love taking photos of people that have tattoos. I think they are so cool. I had such a blast with this session. Leanne and Stacey both were so photogenic. Thank you so much for letting me capture your memories! :)

With bunches of love!!!

-Melody :)

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